Since 1982, Fair Chem has been exceeding our client’s chemical blending needs as a one stop solution. Once processes are shared, Fair Chem is able to assist with sourcing, importing, storing and production. Fair Chem is has a wide range of blending tanks, jacketed and non jacketed, allow for both heating and cooling processes.

  Equipment type/production Quantity Size
1 Blending vessel/jacketed 3 units 4,000 lit
2 Blending vessel/jacketed 1 unit 5,000 lit
3 Blending vessel/jacketed 3 units 10,000 lit
4 Blending vessel/jacketed 2 units 12.000 lit
5 Blending vessel 1 unit 3,000 lit
6 Blending vessel 1 unit 6,000 lit
7 Blending vessel 1 unit 12,000 lit
Note: all blending tanks are capable of blending product viscosity up to 5000cps and processing time may defer.

Jacketed tanks are able to heat and cool product

We have a quality control team, as well as formulation and testing laboratories to ensure quality assurance the pre designated limits set by the customer. All work undertaken by Fair Chem is dealt with Strictly Confidential.

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